Ecofact staff trained on DeTect MERLIN Avian Radar System

Ecofact staff attended the DeTect MERLIN Avian Radar System User Training Class for Wind Energy Applications in London last week.  We are very excited about this technology, and are currently working with DeTect and our clients to introduce the first of these systems in Ireland. The agenda of this technical training course included detailed operational and technical training on use of the MERLIN Avian radar system for wind farm per-construction surveys and for operational wind farms.

The MERLIN Avian Radar System is the most powerful tool available for assessment of proposed wind energy projects and generates detailed data-sets that can be used to assess the numbers of bird and bats transiting a proposed project site under day, night and low visibility conditions. For operating wind farms, the MERLIN SCADA system operates as a real time bird and bat monitoring and risk mitigation system.

Further details on the systems can be found on the link Also, if you would like to discuss the technology with us please call us on +353 61 419477 and we can relay our experiences and also give you an introduction to DeTect.

Merlin Avian Radar


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