Appropriate Assessment

The Natura 2000 network comprises of sites designated as Special Protection Areas and Special Areas of Conservation under the EU Birds and Habitats Directives. These sites designated as sites of European Importance for the conservation of habitats, flora and fauna.

Wind farm, Co Kerry

Wind farm, Co Kerry

The Habitats Directive addresses the likelihood that various plans and projects, alone and in combination with other plans and projects, may lead to the destruction or deterioration of these sites and the wildlife and habitats that they host. These potential impacts are not always immediately apparent. It is possible for a plan or project to have an adverse effect on a Natura 2000 site some distance away. Proposals within (or with potential to incur adverse effects upon) Natura 2000 sites must be subject to an Appropriate Assessment.

We are fully qualified to carry out Article 6 Appropriate Assessment. Our strong experience as a professional ecological consultancy is complimented by an extensive project history in carrying out these assessments for both statutory bodies and private enterprises where proposed developments had potential to affect Natura 2000 sites.

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