Wintering Bird Surveys

Wintering bird surveys are required where there is a possibility of impacts on wintering birds (often migratory species) or on the winter habitat of bird species of conservation importance. The information gained from bird surveys is often used to inform a design team on how to minimise potential impacts on birds and enhance the existing habitats on a site. Other surveys are used to monitor effects that developments may or may not be having on bird populations during the construction and operation stages.

Greenland white-fronted geese

Greenland white-fronted geese

Wintering bird surveys need to be undertaken throughout the winter months (6 month survey from October to March). Lakes, turloughs, estuaries and coastal sites are often important habitats for wintering birds. Because birds move around, surveys need to be carried out repeatedly throughout the survey season (generally bi-monthly) to allow accurate data to be collected. Surveys may have to extend over two years. Surveys can be undertaken by fixed-point observation (i.e. Vantage Point watching) and/or walking a defined transect (transect survey). In fixed-point surveys, the observer counts birds from a fixed point or a number of fixed points. In transect surveys, the observer walks along a pre-determined route recording any birds seen or heard.

Whooper Swans near powerlines

Whooper Swans near powerlines

We are professional ecologists with recognised ornithological experience and expertise. All survey results are recorded following accepted international standards and protocol.If you need a wintering bird survey contact the ornithological professionals at +353 (61) 419477 or Our main website is

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